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Hamer Candy is an additional supplement that replenishes human cell nutrition, thereby delaying the ageing process and making you healthier. Sino-USA Collaboration Technology created it, and a total of 13,500 individuals worked on its research and development.

Hamer Candy Malaysia 
employs cutting-edge fermentation technology to ferment, concentrate, and purify the active ingredient of Cynamorium Songaricum, which is high in 15 different amino acids, triterpene sapogenin, natural glucocorticoid hormone, 23 different trace elements, and other antioxidants.

A proper amino acid consumption will boost our body's functionality and help us live a happy and healthy life. During normal metabolism, amino acids are eaten. Taking an amino acid supplement from Hammer Candy, especially while exercising, will instantly make your body more energetic and strong.

Hamer Candy Series

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Advantages of Hammer Candy

Hammer Candy is known for the following benefits:
  • Enhance Kidney Function
  • Boost your energy and stamina
  • Human Cell Rejuvenation
  • Boosts Testosterone
  • Harder Erection

Ingredients of Hammer Candy

Ginseng Pomegranates
Ginseng is a plant with thick roots that grow short and slowly. Ginseng has the potential to repair and increase well-being. The herb has a forked, light-coloured root, a rather tall stalk, and oval-shaped green leaves. The Hamer Candy Malaysia consists of both American and Chinese ginseng (Panax quinquefolius, L.)
Pomegranates are red fruits with a spherical shape. They have ruby red seeds that are tightly packed with crisp, juicy edible seeds known as arils. They're most known for the vividly coloured juice they're frequently used in, but these fruits have a lot more to offer. Pomegranates are worth including in your healthy eating routine since they have the ability to benefit many facets of health, from immunity to brain health.

Coffee Cynomorium
Coffee is a popular beverage recognised for its tendency to sharpen your focus and increase your energy levels. In fact, many people rely on their morning cup of coffee to get their day right. Coffee has been connected to a lengthy variety of potential health advantages in addition to its stimulating effects, giving you even more reason to start brewing.
Cynomorium is a traditional Korean medicine that has employed Cynomorium Songaricum (CS) to treat male impotence and sexual dysfunction. At Hamer Candy, we analyzed the influence of aqueous CS extract on the reproductive activities of golden hamsters, whose spermatogenetic capacity is active in the summer and quiescent in the winter. The results indicate that CS extract increases male fertility in golden hamsters via enhancing spermatogenesis.

Malt Protein
Malt is a heart-healthy combination of fibre, potassium, folate, and vitamin B6, malt lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of cardiac illness. Its dietary fibre lowers insulin activity, enhances cholesterol absorption from the gut, and promotes cholesterol breakdown.
Hydrolyzed protein is a solution formed by hydrolyzing a protein into amino acids and peptides. While there are other approaches, the most common is extended heating with hydrochloric acid, often in conjunction with a protein such as pancreatic enzyme to mimic the natural process of hydrolytic activity.

Brown Sugar
Brown sugar when compared to white sugar, brown sugar has fewer calories. It also contains a variety of micronutrients, including iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, and vitamin B-6, all of which are necessary for good health.

How Should Hamer Candy Be Consumed?

The candy can be consumed like a normal candy that will melt in your mouth. But it is advisable to take 1 candy every 2-3 days or 2 candies per week. For first-timers, a half a candy is recommended. The effect of the candy can last up to 2-3 days. DO NOT consume the candy on an empty stomach. Make sure to eat the candy three hours prior to having sex and after having your meal and drink plenty of water.


Hamer Candy Malaysia FAQ

1. Is Hamer candy considered a natural food?
Yes, Hamer® is a natural health food that aids in the provision of nutrients to our body cells, as well as the suppression of free radicals and the reduction of weariness.

2. Is Hamer candy harmful to our bodies?
Hamer® is safe to consume because all of the ingredients in Hamer® are natural. Aphrodisiacs, western pharmaceuticals, illegal drugs, steroids, and other substances have been tested and shown to be absent from Hamer®.

3. Is Hamer candy suitable for everyone?
Children, pregnant ladies, and breast-feeding mothers are discouraged. Those suffering from chronic ailments such as cardiovascular disease, liver and renal disease, and cancer should consult their doctors before consuming this product. Apart from them, anyone can consume Hamer®.

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