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Hamer Ginseng Coffee Candy FAQ

1. Is Hamer candy considered a natural food?
Yes, Hamer® is a natural health food that aids in the provision of nutrients to our body cells, as well as the suppression of free radicals and the reduction of weariness.

2. Is Hamer candy harmful to our bodies?
Hamer® is safe to consume because all of the ingredients in Hamer® are natural. Aphrodisiacs, western pharmaceuticals, illegal drugs, steroids, and other substances have been tested and shown to be absent from Hamer®.

3. Is Hamer candy suitable for everyone?
Children, pregnant ladies, and breast-feeding mothers are discouraged. Those suffering from chronic ailments such as cardiovascular disease, liver and renal disease, and cancer should consult their doctors before consuming this product. Apart from them, anyone can consume Hamer®.

4. What should I do if my child inadvertently ate Hamer candy?
It makes no difference. Hamer® is non-toxic and will not affect them. If children accidentally swallow it, no special care is required.

5. Is it safe to eat Hamer sweets for an extended period of time?
Yes. Our body cells are constantly being renewed; long-term consumption of Hamer® aids in the maintenance of an energised, healthy body.

6. Is it possible to become addicted to Hamer candy?

7. What are the benefits of ingesting Hamer candy?
Hamer® aids in the reduction of fatigue, the acceleration of blood circulation, and the energization of our bodies. It also aids in the quick recuperation of muscles, body, and soul. It also revitalises our sexuality and helps us feel young.

8. How do we eat Hamer candy, and how quickly do we feel the effects?
1 candy each day; it works best if taken on an empty stomach. The effects will be felt within a few days to a week for first-timers. It is also advised that you consume plenty of water.

9. Can Hamer Candy be combined with other products?

10. Can I consume alcohol after eating Hamer Candy?
It is advised to consume Hamer® no more than 4 hours after consuming alcohol.

11. Can women eat Hamer Candy?
Yes. Hamer® is a complete nutrient for body cells that can significantly boost women's health and minimise weariness.

12. What if we experience symptoms such as waist and backache, or even dizziness, after eating Hamer Candy?
Hamer® is an all-around nutrient that boosts the productivity of our body's cells. The glucocorticoid hormone found in Cynomorium Songaricum can boost our body's metabolism, allowing our cells to absorb more nutrients to produce more energy. As previously stated, these improvement mechanisms will elicit a variety of reactions. Such symptoms, however, are considered short-term reactions that usually disappear within one week of intake. This is also referred to as the Healing Crisis.

13. Why is Hamer Candy in the form of a candy?
This is due to the fact that nutrients can be absorbed directly through the tongue rather than being denaturized by stomach acid during digestion. Individual packaging also makes it easier to drink anywhere, at any time.


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